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They are the élite of tomorrow. Born privileged, raised in wealth and now safely nested in the best private school in the world, in Switzerland no less, to prepare for a lifetime as leaders. Their iconoclastic American teacher Hugh starts a whole new subject – the future. His mission: making them experience firsthand the three major problems of their generation: energy decline, economy and overpopulation. Will he succeed in shifting their focus from the wealthy life to the reponsibilities they will have to live up as future leaders? Four personal stories about growing up in a world of global challenges. In the race for what’s left, who will they choose to be, when the world calls?

Director: Radek WEGRZYN Script: Radek WEGRZYN Genre: Documentary Funding: MEDIA development support, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Medienboard, Berlin Brandenburg, Nordmedia, DFFF Status: Shooting